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By Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis

"When Do You Hire A Music Lawyer?"

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Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis

Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis’ motto, "Let THIS music lawyer handle YOUR music law issues™," rings true to the dedication of Attorney Davis, who for years has been doing just that… handling business. Attorney Davis has been voted the 2002-2003 Legal Executive of the Year for good reason. Not only does this outstanding entertainment attorney provide exceptional legal and consulting services to all genres of music worldwide, she also “gives back” by sharing her time, money and wealth of knowledge.

Attorney Davis made the world take notice when she began independently representing Saregama India Limited (located in Bombay, India) against Dr. Dre, Aftermath Records, Interscope Records, and Universal Records in a copyright infringement case that could yield record-breaking amounts in damages. She has definitely lived up to the nickname of being a “bulldog” during negotiations.

After constantly being approached by music producers that “wanted their music heard”, Attorney Davis founded The Worldwide Music Producers' LISTEN AND EXCHANGE™. The LISTEN AND EXCHANGE™ was Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis' way to help put all the music and film industry people together and give them permission to meet one another, talk to one another, and do business with one another, while providing a forum for the producers to get their music heard. She "dreamed up” the event in October 2002, and it became a reality in February 2003.

The Worldwide Music Producers' LISTEN AND EXCHANGE™ took on a "life of its own," and now Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis has turned this successful brainchild into a trademarked annual event which fosters an atmosphere for deal-making, and career enhancement. Attendees consist of the music, film and tv industries, along with the 10 top LISTEN AND EXCHANGE™ music producers, and more.

Attorney Davis practices 100% Entertainment law with a flair! She represents platinum, gold, as well as uncertified artists, producers, writers, record labels, managers and publishing companies from all over the world. In addition to reading, writing, and negotiating entertainment contracts, placing tracks, and placing music in movies and tv, she provides worldwide entertainment business consulting services, and has strong relationships with major records labels, publishing, production, movie, and television companies all over the world.

Attorney Davis has become one of the most highly sought after speakers in the nation on entertainment law issues including, but not limited to, music publishing, sampling, and independent labels. Attorney Davis' extensive experience as a guest speaker, moderator, keynote speaker and panelist derives from her frequent appearances as a speaker for organizations, universities, law schools, and associations inside and outside of the United States.

Entertainment Attorney Davis is also CEO of Dedra’s Entertainment Group, a marketing and promotion company which successfully produced events such as Black Cinema Cafe-Houston, Producer's Panel, NABFEME "Living Your Dream" event, NABFEME mix and mingle reception, BESLA fundraiser, etc. Attorney Davis received her Bachelor's Degree from Texas Tech University and her Doctor of Jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law.

Attorney Davis can be reached at 713-981-3861 or DEDRADAVIS@musiclw.com.
www.musiclw.com, www.LISTENANDEXCHANGE.com

Practice Areas

Entertainment Law

By Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis

"What Does A Music Lawyer Do?"

Copyright, 2008-2011 Dedra Davis, Esq., All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce without written permission.

Music Business:

Royalty collection - Assist artists, writers, producers, publishing companies, etc. collect royalties in United States, and outside of the United States.

Counseling and representation of recording industry businesses and artists
Drafting and negotiation of recording industry contracts including:
Songwriter contracts
Entity formation (partnership agreements, incorporation and Limited Liability Companies)
Merchandising contracts
Copyright and Trademark
Assistance with affiliation with the performing rights and mechanical rights societies.
Counseling on on-line distribution

Motion Picture Business:

Counseling and representation of writers, producers, directors, in the motion picture industry
Option agreements and recordation with the Copyright office
Production agreements
Film crew agreements
Entity formation (Limited Liability Companies, Incorporation)
Submission agreements
Soundtrack agreements

Internet Law

copyright and trademark issues

Intellectual Property


registration of copyright
Copyright searches
Recordation and assignment of Copyright
Negotiating and drafting licensing agreements
Copyright infringement litigation


Development and selection of the appropriate names and designs
Recordation and assignment of Trademark
Trademark searches and analysis
State registration
Federal registration
Interpretation of website content for possible trademark, copyright infringement and right of privacy issues
Trademark infringement litigation and unfair competition

Entity formation:

Limited Liability Companies
Limited Partnerships


- Entertainment Law Issues

- Networking for Success

- Marketing Your Business

Past & Present Client List (partial)

Latium Ent.
Frankie J
D Solo (Street Flava TV)
Cowboy's Nightmare
Baby Bash
MC Lyte
Lil Troy
CeCe Michaela
Exhibit Hope
Cold Crush Brothers
Saregama India Limited

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